Auto accident causes injuries to several adults, kids

Several adults and children were recently hurt in a serious car crash in Illinois. The auto accident took place on a Tuesday morning. This crash involved several vehicles.

Police reported that a person was speeding in a Dodge Caravan on a street at around 8 a.m. The van failed to stop at a stop sign. Cars that were waiting at a red light did not see the van coming, so when the van approached them, the van caused multiple vehicles to collide with one another. The van then collided with a liquor store window.

A total of nine automobiles were involved in the crash. Among the accident victims, three were children. The children suffered injuries and were taken to the hospital, with the condition of one being fair and the conditions of the other two being critical. Four adults were also hurt in the fiery crash; one of the adults was transported to the hospital in critical condition, while the conditions of the other three were fair.

The driver of the van may be held liable for the multiple injuries resulting from the Illinois auto accident. The injured parties are entitled to seek redress for their monetary damages, with financial restitution in a successful case potentially being used to cover hospital costs, the loss of wages and other accident-related losses recognized under state law. A preponderance of the evidence is needed to establish liability, based upon a showing of negligence, only then will a judge decide claims for monetary damages.

Source:, “3 children, 4 adults injured in Avondale car crash”, Nancy Loo, Jan. 26, 2016