Claiming damages after a serious car crash

Motorists in Illinois and elsewhere across the nation who have been seriously injured in a car crash may be interested in knowing more about the types of damages that could potentially be claimed in a personal injury lawsuit. Dependent upon the particulars of each unique situation, accident victims could be entitled to financial compensation if any resultant injuries have negatively impacted their own life or the lives of their family members.

Personal injury claims that arise from car accidents generally fall under four major categories with medical expenses being the category most representative of widespread loss among victims. Claims in this category may include items ranging from fees for ambulance transport and consultations with medical professionals to costs associated with permanent disability and in-home services.

Defined as physical or mental distress, the category of pain and suffering includes pain, stress and anxiety that affects quality of life. The amount of damages awarded in such claims may vary depending on the severity of the injury, the seriousness of the pain and the prognosis moving forward.

Loss of income following an accident may directly affect both victims and their families. Crash victims who are unable to earn their usual wages due to immobility, hospitalization, physical therapy or other treatment sessions may be able to claim future lost wages in some situations. The fourth category of loss is loss of consortium. More commonly referred to as loss of affection or companionship, uninjured spouses may be able to claim these damages in the event that the victim is first able to recover damages for injuries.

As they types and amounts of damages are being considered, potential plaintiffs might want to note that the total impact of a serious injury may not be realized until some time has passed following the accident. An attorney could calculate the total extent of the estimated loss and represent the victim’s interests both inside and out of the courtroom.