Families can sue for nursing home neglect

Families of Illinois nursing home residents will now have more legal recourse if they suspect nursing home neglect. Previously, nursing homes were allowed to include arbitration clauses in their contracts so that families could not sue them for neglect. Now, a family that accuses a nursing home of neglect might be able to make the case public and pursue compensation for damages through the court system, due to a rule enacted by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

To avoid nursing home neglect, a family that decides to put their elderly family member in a long-term care facility should never act hastily. Hospital staff will sometimes rush family members into choosing a nursing home for an elderly patient because they want the patient to be discharged quickly. However, it is important that a family takes the time to check ratings, read reviews, speak to residents and tour facilities before choosing a nursing home.

One of the ways to investigate a nursing home is to use search engines. If former residents have complained about abuse or neglect, their stories may come up in a search. Once an elderly person is living in a nursing home, it’s important for family members to look out for signs of neglect and abuse. An elderly person that suddenly becomes irritable or aggressive may have been abused.

After a family discovers that their elderly loved one has been treated poorly in a nursing home and has been harmed as a result, the family may want to file a lawsuit based upon nursing home neglect. An attorney who has experience with these matters can be of assistance in this regard.