Slip & Fall Accidents

On-Premises Accidents: Picking You Up When You Fall

There is a category of personal injuries known as premises liability, or more informally, slip-and-fall.

Slip-and-fall injuries occur when you are on someone else’s property, usually a commercial property, and you are injured due to a safety lapse:

  • A spill that caused you to slip-and-fall
  • An elevator that malfunctioned and caused injuries
  • Merchandise tumbled from a tall shelf, striking you or a family member
  • A swimming pool accident at a hotel
  • A poorly lit hallway that caused you to stumble
  • Ice and snow that should have been removed

Illinois law is very clear. The owners of a property are obliged to maintain a reasonable level of security for visitors.

Experienced Assistance For Your Recovery

Our firm has been representing victims of slip-and-fall accidents since our earliest days. These accidents can be quite serious. A fall can result in spinal injuries, brain damage or even death.

When an accident was the result of negligence — the failure to mop up the spill, failure to de-ice the walkway, failure to repair a jagged piece of metal — you need representation that is deep in experience and skilled in the law.

Our attorneys will examine the injury and calculate the full cost to you — in lost work, lost future paydays, loss of function, medical bills, and the pain and suffering that accompany many injuries — and we seek compensation from property owners and their insurance companies.

Not all injuries are compensable. But the ones that genuinely result from negligence are, and Noonan Perillo & Thut Ltd., is known throughout Lake County and Chicagoland for obtaining maximum damages for our clients.

If you’ve fallen, let us help you up. Contact the lawyers at Noonan Perillo & Thut Ltd., at our Waukegan offices at 847-244-0111.