Bedsores and Decubitus Ulcers

Bedsores: What Happens When Patients Are Ignored

Bedsores are ugly and painful problems we would rather not think about. But when they happen to family members in nursing home beds, because they are not getting the necessary movement, it is time to take action.

Bedsores — also called pressure sores, pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers — are lesions in the skin caused by constant pressure in that location. This constant pressure diminishes blood flow, causing tissues to break down.

Older people, people who are paralyzed or in a coma, and people with complicating conditions like diabetes are most vulnerable to developing lesions. Untreated ulcers can lead to serious infections like sepsis, and degradation of skin and even bone.

Provide the resident with movement, turning them if necessary prevents ulcers from developing. When a family member develops bedsores, it is likely they have not been regularly moved by nursing home staff.

Noonan Perillo & Thut Ltd., of Waukegan Illinois, has successfully filed claims against negligent nursing homes and assisted living facilities in the northern suburbs of Chicagoland.

These are cases that nursing home operators would rather not see exposed to the light of day. For this reason, many wish to settle early. Our lawyer’s approach is to encourage settlement, but at a level commensurate with the abuse your mother or father has suffered.

In addition to bedsore cases, we file claims in cases of other conditions caused or exacerbated by nursing staff neglect.

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