Mechanic’s Liens

Mechanic’s Liens: The Importance Of Getting Paid

“It was a good job, apart from not getting paid.”

Subcontractors and suppliers are often at the mercy of the pay practices of contractors and property owners. The law provides a primary remedy for nonpayment: the mechanic’s lien.

Noonan Perillo & Thut Ltd., has extensive and successful experience in filing these liens and obtaining rightful payment. When a mechanic’s lien is filed without justification, Lawyer Michael Noonan will fight to have the lien invalidated.

The law states that if you are the property owner, and you pay the contractor, the contractor must set aside the money in trust for payment to subcontractors, suppliers and laborers. If this money is properly paid, the owner can sue the contractor for three times the actual damages — plus attorney’s fees and costs.

Resolving Difficult Construction Disputes

Without a mechanic’s lien, contractors and subcontractors have limited options for recovery. The contractor can file a breach of contract or unjust enrichment claim against the property owner. A subcontractor is limited to filing a claim against the general contractor or a subcontractor.

Nevertheless, mechanic’s liens can be tricky. There is a statute of limitations that must be followed. There are penalties to be paid if the lien is ruled to be improper.

For these reasons, it is important to work with an attorney who is experienced in mechanic’s liens, and who enjoys a track record of success with them.

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If you haven’t been paid for your work, or if you feel a lien has been improperly filed against you, call Noonan Perillo & Thut Ltd. Our skills and experience are your best assurance of a just outcome.