Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense


What To Do When You Are Charged With A Crime

The criminal defense lawyers at Noonan Perillo & Thut Ltd., offer quality representation in a variety of matters:

We also assist with expungements and record-sealing, bench warrants, violations of parole and probation, DUI and other offenses.

Over the years, we have been part of hundreds of successful defenses. In that time, we have learned what the accused should and should not do. Here are four tips, in the event you have been arrested.

Talking To Police

You will feel lonely and bad after you are arrested. A sympathetic police officer will offer to help. You will feel like he or she is your only friend. But do not open up. That police officer is there to strengthen the case against you. The only person you should be talking to at this time is your lawyer.

Talking To Friends On The Jail Phone

No matter what relief it gives you talking about your case to friends, do not do this. All calls are recorded, and anything you say can be used against you.

Discussing Your Case In Jail

After you are arrested, you may be tempted to share the details of your case with other inmates. These people are not your friends. Everyone in jail is looking to get out, and if they can twist your story to make you sound guilty — and improve their chances with the prosecution — they will do it. Talk to your lawyer — period.

Shopping For A Bargain

Money is always an issue. But your future is too important to trust to a lawyer promising a fixed-fee defense. Lawyers like this survive through volume — they can’t afford to take your case as seriously as you deserve. Noonan Perillo & Thut Ltd., are not the cheapest law firm around; we’re not the most expensive, either. But we are 100 percent committed to defending your freedoms. Your case matters to us.

Diligent Criminal Defense For Lake County And Waukegan, Illinois

Our lawyers are committed to obtaining the best possible outcome in the wake of your arrest. But we need your help to make a strong case. To learn more, contact our attorneys at 847-244-0111 — or briefly explain your situation using this handy form.

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